ALC DISTRIBUTION  is a young but fast-growing division that distributes high quality manufacturing products in the US, and Latin America.  We serve distributors in the automotive, manufacturing and construction industry.  We have full in-house production capabilities which include:

  •  High quality protective masking films and adhesive tapes.
  • Innovative paperboard corner and edge protection solutions
  • Brokerage in sales of Scrap metal/Copper


A brand new 2-stage coating line, capable of producing both paper-based products (like blue painter’s tape) and protective masking films.

Tape-slitters, rewinders and loggers capable of converting tape and film in any size and put-up.

  • Label printing and shrink wrap equipment enabling us to private label your products.
  • Roll-to-roll perforating equipment, capable of custom perf ing both film and paper products.

    From formulating our own adhesives to coating, slitting, finishing, packaging, warehousing, and shipping—it is all done under one roof.

    • carpet protection Film
    • Counter protection Film
    • Duct protection Film
    • FiberGlass protection Film
    • Metal protection Film
    • Plastic Protection Film
    • Roof and building protection Film
    • Sink and Tube protection Film
    • Crash Film Autowrap
    • Paint Booth Masking Film
    • Transport Film
    • Film for Seat Covers
    • High tape Masking tape
    • Blue masking tape
    • Bruise tape
    • Red Stucco tape
    • Green painter tape
    • Shrink tape